Current Members

Guy Van den Broeck
Benjie Wang
PhD Students
Zhe Zeng
Honghua Zhang
Kareem Ahmed (co-advised with Kai-Wei Chang)
Anji Liu
Poorva Garg (co-advised with Todd Millstein)
Daniel Israel (co-advised with Aditya Grover)
Renato Lui Geh
Oliver Broadrick
Master Students
William Cao (co-advised with Todd Millstein and Steven Holtzen)
Ruoyan Li
Victor Li (co-advised with Baharan Mirzasoleiman and Antonio Vergari)
Ryan Tjoa (co-advised with Todd Millstein)
Vinay Shukla

Joining the Lab

If you are a prospective PhD student, please list Guy as a prefered adviser in your application to UCLA Computer Science. In fall, I might not yet know whether I will be hiring that same winter.

If you are a prospective intern (self-funded), or a student requesting a research project, feel free to email me your resume, transcript, and motivation. While I generally cannot respond to emails requesting to join the lab, I do read them and follow up when there are open positions.

We also welcome external contributions to our open-source software projects.

Past Members

Antonio Vergari (Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Edinburgh)
Frederic Sala (Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison)
PhD Graduates
Pasha Khosravi (LinkedIn)
YooJung Choi (Assistant Professor at Arizona State University)
Tal Friedman (Facebook)
Yitao Liang (Assistant Professor at Peking University)
Steven Holtzen (Assistant Professor at Northeastern University) (co-advised with Todd Millstein)
Master Students
Dipti Ranjan Sahu
Meihua Dang (now PhD student at Stanford)
Matt Wang (now Teaching Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle)
Meet Taraviya
Romain Compagnie
David Rangel Alarcon
Shahroze Humayun Kabir (co-advised with Lara Dolecek)
Orpaz Goldstein (now PhD student at UCLA)
Jingyi (Joy) Xu (now PhD student at Northeastern)
Ling Ding
Kayvon Mazooji (co-advised with Lara Dolecek)
Sumeet Sharma
Fan Li
Nikil Selvam (now PhD student at Stanford)
Yu-Hsi (Ellie) Cheng (PhD student at MIT) (co-advised with Todd Millstein and Steven Holtzen)
Eric Wang
David Davini (co-advised with Baharan Mirzasoleiman and Antonio Vergari)
Alex Chen
Anton Lykov (PhD student at the University of Washington)
Caroline Quigg
Daniel O'Laughlin
Gregory Giebel
Lakshay Rastogi
Wenzhe Li (from Tsinghua University)
Jian Vora (from IIT Bombay)
Shreyas Kowshik
Ashish Nair
Fanqi Yan
Zilu (Crystal) Zhang (next MS student at CMU)
Andrew Jemin Choi
Nikhil Mandava (now undergrad at UC Berkeley)
Songbai Yan (next PhD student at UCSD)
Long-Term Visitors
Yunlong Liu (from Xiamen University)
Paolo Morettin (from University of Trento, Italy)
Barnabas Gatsheni (from University of Johannesburg)
Laura Isabel Galindez Olascoaga (from KU Leuven)
Krzysztof Gajowniczek (from Warsaw University)
Jessa Bekker (from KU Leuven)
Jonas Vlasselaer (from KU Leuven)
Ismail Ilkan Ceylan (from Dresden University)